Corporate Communications

Corporate Communication


... the new strategy you have developed fails to gain the support of the government, financial institutions, franchisers and other partners, and you need to intensify your communication with them to win their recognition

... you are about to engineer an important project, and you are seeking to generate greater interest and backup from key stakeholders by sharing the idea with them

... you are aware of misunderstanding and a lack of support while in the midst of a major deal , such as a merger or acquisition, and it is vital for you to develop a better environment for the transaction through media communications

... your ability to create value is still underestimated by investors, and you are eager for a better communications strategy and program

... you are misunderstood by the public or the bureaucracy

... you have no clear idea about how to make yourself known to prospective investors when you plan to finance

Then, you may want to speak with our experts because in the field of corporate communications, Glocal Strategy has in-depth experience using advanced techniques in getting your message across to the high profile individuals who need to hear them.

Our approach

✓ Communicate the clients’ new strategy and policies to the public, and provide an assessment of public opinion

✓ Communications and strategy planning

✓ Main media placement

✓ Investor relations communications

✓ Major deal or transaction communications

✓ Issue and crisis management (including conference and seminar management)

✓ Strategic government relations management

✓ Pre-IPO communications

✓ In-depth editorial service

Let our experience and strengths support you in achieving your business goals.